How to choose your Videographer?


“My Uncle has an amazing camera, I think I am going to just pay him $500 to shoot my wedding.” While Uncle may be very good, here are a few reasons to go with the professional.

As we have previously said wedding videography is so much more than just having a nice camera. Uncle Joe may have a nice camera, in fact, let’s say Uncle Joe is a lawyer and photography is his passion. So, not only does he have a nice camera, but he has the best camera money can buy at the moment, the Sony A7S II. Even more so, Uncle Joe loves shooting in his spare time so much that he even bought a full set of Sony G Series lenses and accessories.

Already, we are assuming that this Uncle is much more prepared than 99% of the Uncle Joe’s out there. Now let’s assume that Uncle Joe frequently goes out, once or twice a month and shoots nature and urban scenes with all of his great equipment. Uncle Joe even had some of his work published.

Wedding time comes, and Uncle Joe is feeling great and confident that he is going to do an awesome job. Uncle Joe starts with some outside shots of the preparation location and everything is looking good. Then Uncle Joe steps inside where the preparation is taking place. Uncle Joe doesn’t like manually exposing his pictures, so he shoots with the cameras help. Unfortunately, the camera is only so smart.

So he gets a few overexposed shots and a few underexposed ones. And then he meets a friend and have a beer etc.

But next day he has to edit the clip! What program does he have? Does he know how to colour edit the video? How to fix the overexposed clips if they are still can be fixed? What if that was you first kiss or your first dance? 

Thats why we always recommend to go with a professional videographer.

Wedding videography is much more than just having a nice camera or taking a lot of pictures to cover your bases. The first thing we hear from all of our assistants trying to become professionals is, “Wedding photography is harder than I thought it would be.” Our answer, “Of course it is!” The goal of this article is to help prevent you from hiring the wrong videographer. So lets start.

Strong Reviews 

When a business has numerous reviews they are more likely to be established and deliver a great product compared to a company with just a few reviews. It is common for clients to rave about not only their final product their experience with the company as well.

Expertise – Being a Technical and Creative Wedding Photographer

A professional wedding videographer should not only be well versed in the technical side of the trade. He or she must also be artistic and creative. Those are two opposite personality traits. How many people do you know are very technologically savvy and artistically creative at the same time?

Having a great camera and technical skills will allow your wedding videographer to capture exposed, well-lit images regardless of the lighting situation and time constraints. On the other hand, having great creative skills will allow your videographer to approach each shot with a unique viewpoint and artistic vision ensuring that the shots are not just photos, but they are beautiful images.


Just as important (if not more important) as their technical knowledge and creativity are the wedding videographers interpersonal skills. How well do they interact with their clients and those at the wedding? Are they outgoing, personable, charismatic, professional, and honest?

Not including engagement shoots, bridal shoots, etc. You are going to be spending a full day with your videographer on the most important day of your life. A wedding photographer with a personality that matches your own is essential to the overall experience of your wedding.


While researching videographers, you’ll come to notice the many styles of wedding videos and photos. At the same time, you’ll begin to notice what styles you do and do not like. You will get a better idea of the photographer’s artistic style from looking at their blog or website rather than a few images on their Instagram. Taking the extra time to research the complete portfolios of your top choices will definitely be worth it in the end.


When seeking a videographer or photographer, it’s best to not get caught up in the number of products. Each videographer is promising. Stay focused on the actual quality of the work provided. We realize that some people are working within a budget. Think to yourself that you can always purchase an album or additional prints later. But you can’t change the quality of the photographs taken at the wedding after the wedding day, same as with video, maybe in 20 years everyone will be watching colourful OLED screens and will notice every small bit that was overexposed or underexposed?

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